Aluminum Supply Co.

Laser Cut Fabrication is multiple methods of custom metal fabrication combined with laser cutting. Products begin their formation within our fiber optic laser machine, then proceed to other processes. The precise computer controlled laser enhances existing capabilities, along with allowing complete custom metal crafting.

In the past, we used to employ a variety of methods to cut metal. The standard/best/most efficient is shearing, but that is only effective for straight square cuts. To perform smaller square cuts we perform notching, which is only effective to some degree on the perimeter of the metal piece. That is where our metal cutting with machinery ends, everything else is performed by hand. Our skillful staff has hand cut metal into impressive shapes with amazing efficiency.

No matter the skill, though, it is very time consuming (especially for production quantity) and does leave some to be desired for quality. This is where Laser Cutting comes into play. We established a new process with a dedicated machine to increase efficiency and quality across the board, and the best part: CNC (Computer Numerical Controll). The computer controls the machine giving us accuracy unfathomable by hand.

For many years ASCO has utilized a few major processes in the fabrication of custom architectural metal. These processes combined have created quality metal that has been used around the world.

At Aluminum Supply Co. we know, from bearing witness to the fall and return of the automotive industry, the necessity of staying with industry trends. That philosophy applied to our already solid fabrication department has borne the demand for something new.

We introduce to you the future of our custom metal work, Laser Cut Fabrication.