Aluminum Supply Co.

Product Samples

Just like a proud parent displaying an honor roll bumper sticker, we like to boast about our laser. On this page we'll be posting pictures with descriptions of different items that have been laser cut here at ASCO.

If you would like physical samples of laser cut metal from ASCO, please feel free to contact us: 800 899 ASCO or By letting us know your reason of interest in ASCO's Laser Cut Fabrication we can custom tailor a sample package for you.

ASCO Intricate Laser Cut Panel 2

3D Signage - 09/10/2018

This method of 3D signage takes thin gauge material, in this instance 24GA Stainless Steel 304 #4 Brushed. The face of the letters are cut out and strips are bent to add the depth.

CUSTOMER: Stixels Design Studio

ASCO Intricate Laser Cut Panel 2

Geometrical Cut Panel

This is a 2' x 2' decorative panel cut from .125 Mill Finish Aluminum.

ASCO Intrcate Constellation Cut Panel 1

Constellation Decorative Panel

This decorative panel is cut from 18GA 304 #4 Brushed Stainless Steel. This panel showcases the ability to cut straight and radial shapes.

ASCO Wireframe Deer

Wireframe Deer

The season is upon us. Whether you partake in hunting or not, this cut out from .032 Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum is a unique piece.