Aluminum Supply Co.

ASCO Fabrication

Aluminum Supply Company boasts a highly skilled custom fabrication department. Our crew specializes in brake forming, shearing, and layout. We also provide welding, punching, drilling, saw cutting, and notching.
Our familiarity with the fabrication equipment, along with our years of experience, enables us to deliver accurate parts with extremely fast turnaround. ASCO is known for offering the best lead times and highest quality material in the area.


The addition of laser cutting brings ASCO fabrication capabilities to a whole new level. The computer controlled laser can accurately cut custom designs into metal.


Shearing is the process performed by a machine and an operator to cut a piece of metal into a smaller piece. This process is generally used to square cut sheet metal, metal plate, and rod/bar stock.


Brake forming is the process of bending metal that is performed by a skilled operator and the machine (brake). The CNC Darley is used most often because it is highly accurate and versatile.


Welding is primarily used to join metal. This is typically done to close ends or to make a cut piece continuous. The quality and efficiency of this process is more dependent upon the person welding than the actual machine.


Punching is a process used to create holes of different shapes into metal. ASCO utilizes multiple mechanical punches to accurately place holes into metal. With proper setup this process is very efficient and the results show high quality.


Notching is a relatively simple process that is utilized to create some of the most advanced architectural metals. It employs a simple machine, similar to a shear, that has an 90 degree angle blade.

Saw Cut

Saw cutting is primarily used to cut stock material to length. Another method used on the table saw is our V Groove cut. We cut with a custom saw blade into material to remove a portion, leaving a V shape.