Aluminum Supply Co.

Laser Literature

Here you can find an assortment of links to our promo products and other ASCO items related to laser cut fabrication.

Additionally we will post information resources that pertain to laser cutting in general.

ASCO Laser Pen

ASCO Laser Pen

Here at ASCO we were so excited that we had gotten a laser, we felt that you should have one too. This laser comes with a pen and a light, but the laser does not cut anything. Well maybe your retina.

***Please do not look directly at the laser***

ASCO Laser Pen Card

Laser Cut Fabrication Pen Card

Of course we were not going to be giving away lasers just because we are generally nice people and like to share. The laser/light pens were actually a vessel to carry our propaganda: The Laser Cut Fabrication Pen Card

This is 70 square inches of important information related to ASCO's Laser Cut Fabrication.

ASCO Linecard

ASCO 2016 Line Card

The redesign of ASCO's Linecard could not have come at a better time. It is another great informative resource to properly educate the masses on the benefits of ASCO's Laser Cut Fabrication.