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What is LCF?

LCF - Laser Cut Fabrication is more than another stylized buzz phrase created to market some generic service.

ASCO's Brahmastra Laser Cutting Machine

Our Machine

Giving credit where credit is due, this machine is where ASCO Laser Cut Fabrication all begins. Check out all of the information we have about this unique machine.

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New Capabilities

We used to cut metal mostly by hand, but things have gotten a whole lot more modern around here. We have computers and lasers that do it now.

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Product Samples

Click here to check out some photos of products made with laser cut fabrication. To have us send you free metal, you'll have to contact us.

Laser Literature

Laser Literature

An assortment of links to promo products and other ASCO items related to lasers.

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Laser News

Occasionally we'll post some information here related to running our laser cutting machine. There will not be any of our house secrets, but some interesting information none the less.